“WowLash: The Eyelash Specialist Brand
That Elevates Your Value”

Nail Art Curriculum

4 Months, 3 Times a Week (Mon, Wed, Fri)

Makeup Curriculum

2 Months, 1 Time a Week Intensive Course

Skin Beauty Curriculum

2 Months, 2 Times a Week (Tue, Thu)

Eyelash Extension Curriculum

1 Time a Week, 3 Hours, Total of 12 Classes

Eyelash Perm Curriculum

Beginner/Advanced Classes
*Advanced classes are available after completing beginner classes
*Includes both theory and hands-on practice

Waxing curriculum

Face Waxing: 2 Classes
Body Waxing: 2 Classes
Brazilian: 2 Classes
Total Course: 3 Classes
*All courses include theory and practical sessions with models
*Diploma awarded upon completion of the course

Foot Clean Curriculum